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"One thing I learned from working with Andy Warhol, as one of the original contributing editors of Interview, was that visual artists can benefit from publicity just as much as the film stars and popular recording artists I profiled for Rolling Stone. Certainly Andy's own career attests to this..."

Ed McCormack - Managing Editor Gallery & Studio

We're proud that Robert Storr, the former Museum of Modern Art curator who was recently appointed dean of the Yale School of Art and chosen as commissioner of the 2007 Venice Biennale, is among the distinguished art world professionals who regularly read and respond to the reviews and features in Gallery&Studio.

We're also pleased that the New York Times and other major publications often follow our lead, covering shows that we reviewed first in Gallery&Studio. And naturally it was gratifying to be acknowledged as “a leading New York art magazine” by the London Times in a feature article about how a favorable review in Gallery&Studio launched the U.S. career of the British painter Steven Harris.

However, our greatest satisfaction comes from discovering new talent. So what pleases us most are the many appreciative messages we receive from emerging artists, gallerists, and curators, telling us how coverage in Gallery&Studio has contributed to the success of their exhibitions.

For unlike publications that gladly accept advertising dollars from all artists yet only review those who are already well-known, Gallery&Studio makes a regular practice of reviewing new as well as established artists. Because we cover not only gallery and museum exhibitions but also open studio shows and artist websites (an increasingly viable vehicle for making one’s work known worldwide) every issue of Gallery&Studio creates a context of inclusion a forum in which each and every artist can be judged on his or her own merits. And because Gallery&Studio is available free of charge in galleries, museums, book stores, hotels, restaurants, and other venues all around town, even new advertisers start out with one foot already in the door of the New York art world.

Don't you think it’s time to contact us ad learn how we can give your work maximum exposure among collectors, curators, critics, and others who really should know about it?

We invite you to sample some of the features on our website and decide for yourself.

Jeannie McCormack - Editor and Publisher

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Mission Statement

New York International Photography and Digital Art Contest

Deadline - December 18, 2016

Contest is open to all local, domestic, national and international professional and amateur photographers and artists.

Early Submission $20 up to 3 pictures per category, on or before November 25, $30 after November 25. $10 each additional photograph.

See link for more information below: