Recent Exhibitions

Making The Human Connection
at Blue Mountain Gallery

Walk in the Woods: “Trees” at Viridian Artists

Wendy Shalen: Radically Different Landscape Art

A Painter Sparkles at Jadite

Jadite Jewels

Inspired Energies at the Beacon Residencies

Dorothy A. Culpepper: A Celebration of Paint and Color

MFA Thesis Exhibition Explores Contrasts of Light and Dark

Celebrating the Beauty of Color

A New Reality for Danièle M. Marin

Hidden Treasures

Bob Tomlinson: "Fragments of Myth"

Color and Mystery at WSACC

Various Photographic Visions at WSAC

Gail Comes and Her Provocative Portraits

A Cacaphony of Color Enlivens WSAC

Artistic Explorations Are Alive in Beacon

CLWAC Annual Art Show

NYC4PA Features Complementary
Visions of Country and City

Windows on the World:
Marilyn Henrion

Jeff Tocci:
Heir to Two Generations of Acidly Satirical Social Realism

Flora Jacobson
Not Your Latest Art World "Twinkie"

Wendy Shalen:
Domestic Art in a Great Tradition

to the Work of Seven Simpatico Painters

Basha Maryanska:
A Poetic Solo Show at the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences

New Century Group Show
Aspires to the Highline

Sheila Finnigan Bursts
Forth in Living Color

The New Abstraction:
A Form of Pure Visual Music

Artist Curator Basha Maryanska’s Latest International Selection

Many Styles and Subjects Vie for Photo Awards

Artists and Artisans Unite in Chelsea Exhibition