Recent Exhibitions

The Life and Times of The Endless Junkmail Scroll

Truth and Beauty in Beacon, N.Y

Revelations of Essences Rendered

Tales of Bruce Rubenstein

Andre van der Kerkhoff: Dancing with Dragonflies

Two Artists Turn From Tragedy
to Triumph at Howland Cultural Center

Superb Results at the Third
International Artists Residency

Making The Human Connection
at Blue Mountain Gallery

Walk in the Woods: “Trees” at Viridian Artists

Wendy Shalen: Radically Different Landscape Art

A Painter Sparkles at Jadite

Jadite Jewels

Inspired Energies at the Beacon Residencies

Dorothy A. Culpepper: A Celebration of Paint and Color

MFA Thesis Exhibition Explores Contrasts of Light and Dark

Celebrating the Beauty of Color

A New Reality for Danièle M. Marin

Hidden Treasures

Bob Tomlinson: "Fragments of Myth"

Color and Mystery at WSACC

Various Photographic Visions at WSAC

Gail Comes and Her Provocative Portraits

A Cacaphony of Color Enlivens WSAC

Artistic Explorations Are Alive in Beacon

CLWAC Annual Art Show

NYC4PA Features Complementary
Visions of Country and City

Windows on the World:
Marilyn Henrion

Jeff Tocci:
Heir to Two Generations of Acidly Satirical Social Realism

Flora Jacobson
Not Your Latest Art World "Twinkie"

Wendy Shalen:
Domestic Art in a Great Tradition

to the Work of Seven Simpatico Painters

Basha Maryanska:
A Poetic Solo Show at the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences

New Century Group Show
Aspires to the Highline

Sheila Finnigan Bursts
Forth in Living Color

The New Abstraction:
A Form of Pure Visual Music

Artist Curator Basha Maryanska’s Latest International Selection

Many Styles and Subjects Vie for Photo Awards

Artists and Artisans Unite in Chelsea Exhibition